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Since its beginning in 1987, Satsuma Valve & Controls has established itself as a leader in quality valve repair and manufacturing. Satsuma Valve & Controls has also earned the privilege of representing and distributing some of the most reputable valve and instrumentation lines in the country. Satsuma Valve & Controls has a complete selection of control valves, relief valves, regulators, and actuators, plus overnight shipment and a sales staff trained to give you prompt professional service.

This leadership role has been accomplished through the determination and hard work of people dedicated to the tradition of service and quality. People with a united goal to deliver error free products and services, on time and at a competitive price. People who care about their customers needs and who make it their business to meet or exceed their customers expectations.

When you choose to do business with Satsuma Valve & Controls, you are choosing people who are dedicated to quality ... this is a proud tradition and it will never change.