Since 1983, Flow-Tek has been on the steady path of growth and development. Our hard earned reputation for quality and reliability comes from a singular commitment to be a skilled and responsive supplier to the industries we serve.

Bray International's acquisition of Flow-Tek has enhanced our growth and reputation. Supported by the strength of Bray's accomplishments in innovative product design, market penetration and global distribution, Flow-Tek is even better positioned to serve our customers. Bray shares our commitment to world leadership in the fluid process industry. A leadership based on the highest quality products, innovative engineering and the most efficient customer service.

At Flow-Tek we strive to remain singular in our industry by addressing each customer's unique application. We have created and sustained an environment which is sensitive to our customers individual needs. Our experienced professionals have dedicated their careers to meeting those needs and anticipating the future requirements of the market. The Flow-Tek staff is determined to be your best supplier.

Flow-Tek's technologically advanced ball valve design is the product of a highly evolved research and development program. Each valve incorporates premium components from certified vendors. The components that go into a Flow-Tek valve must pass rigorous incoming quality inspection procedures. Each casting has a foundry heat number for traceability.

Computer aided design technology increases the accuracy and decreases product cost. All parts are precision machined on modern numerical control machinery - all manufactured in strict adherence to internationally recognized standards and specifications, including: ASME, API, NACE, and ISO. Each valve is assembled and tested by a dedicated craftsperson. Our accomplished standing as an "on time" manufacturer with more than competitive costs has added to our success.

For Bray the key ingredient has always been a fully integrated product line engineered to meet the real needs of the industry. Bray products combine advanced features with compactness and strength. A modular concept of design allows complete interchanging of the components, ease of parts replacement, and direct mounting of modular actuators and control accessories. Together, Flow-Tek, Inc. and Bray Controls have formed an outstanding team dedicated to the success of our customers.

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